Dubbed the Queen of Description by her closest writing buddies, Kristen Iten creates imaginary worlds her readers think just might be real! As the author of more than twenty books, she’s been accused of visiting Fiji, having been a race car driver in another life, and living at the beach—all things she most definitely has not done. And it’s all because she understands how to blend research with imagination in a very real way!  

Kristen’s books are filled with characters you’ll love, locations you’ll want to visit, and heartwarming stories filled with just the right amount of swoon-worthy romance to keep you begging for more.

Hello Friends!

Kristen Iten here with some fantastic news for you! Mending His Heart is ready and waiting for you to download and enjoy. This thrilling prequel novella is filled with more heart and chemistry than you can shake a stick at!

Here’s what the story’s about…

What do Hunks, Hurricanes, and Huskies have in common? Rachel is trapped with all three at the Wounded Warrior Rescue. It wouldn’t be so bad if the hunk wasn’t her job-stealing ex, the hurricane wasn’t trying to kill them, and the husky… well, there’s nothing wrong with the dog—he’s adorable. 

All Nic wants to do is get to work saving lives at his new job. How was he supposed to know Rachel wanted the job offered to him? He thought she was still a big-city cop, but nope. She’s here. Now. And she’s mad as a hornet that he’s going to be her new boss.

He wants to make up for the past. She wants to prove herself. Something’s got to give if they’re going to make their dreams happen. But one reckless kiss changes everything about what they think they want!

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