Loving an Outlaw Sweet Historical Romance

Loving an Outlaw tells the story of eighteen-year-old Abigail Dodd. She has always dreamed of building a life out West. Her plans to join her older brother in Texas are put in jeopardy when he suddenly stops writing. Unsure whether he’s dead or alive, Abigail leaves for the wild west in search of the truth.

Jake Morgan rides to the rescue when things go wrong on the long road to Sweet Creek, Texas, and vows to see her safely to her destination. When it becomes clear that Abigail’s life is in danger in Sweet Creek, Jake decides to stay as long as it takes to make sure she’s safe — even if it costs him his life.

When Abigail learns of a dark secret from his past, she realizes that she may have to let go of the man she has come to love in order to save his life.


Kristen Iten is a night owl-ish author, and mother of three happy little owlets. She spends her working hours solving mysteries, bringing evil doers to justice, and meddling in the love lives of her imaginary friends. She suffers from an over active imagination, but doesn’t really mind because it helps with the whole ‘writing books thing’. She lives in a cute little town, in a cute little house, with her cute little family, and couldn’t possibly be happier.