Kelly Masterson Mysteries: Laundering at the Cleaners Part 1

Exposing deep running corruption with the stroke of a pen is no small feat, but Kelly Masterson, star reporter for the Streetsboro Tribune, was about to break the biggest story her sleepy little town had ever heard. She savored her vanilla mocha latte while contemplating her next move.

Mark Farrell, owner of Farrell & Sons Truck Co., had already threatened a defamation suit if she went public with her information. A few members of the city council had also let their disapproval be known in their own not so subtle ways.

Now she sat in a coffee shop across from the supermarket surveilling the dry cleaners on the corner. She warmed her chilly hands on the over-sized steaming mug in front of her.

She chuckled silently to herself at the realization that her money laundering investigation had literally lead her to the cleaners. “That’s what I’d call ironic,” she mumbled to herself.

A shiny black SUV with tinted windows pulled up to the cleaners. It was clutch time. She reached for the largest book on the coffee shop bookshelf.

“Who would put an encyclopedia on a casual reading bookshelf?” She grunted as she lifted the massive book into place, but was soon glad for the cover its large size provided.

Now all she had to do was watch, and hope the right person was riding inside. Something that resembled a silverback gorilla in a pinstripe suit stepped out of the driver’s seat and opened the back door.

A well dressed leg appeared beneath the open door moments before its owner stood. Sunlight gleamed off of the silver tow cap of a very expensive alligator skin shoe.


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