Worst Day Ever

“Oh no,” Ryan said, “this can’t be happening.” His face turned bright red and he ran out of the cafeteria holding a paper plate over his rear end.

The morning had started like any other. He woke up, got ready for school, and had gotten through the first half of the day without too much trouble. Then the lunch bell rang. That’s when things started going downhill fast! He dropped his brown paper lunch bag on the way to the lunch room.

“Hey watch it,” called Mason, “your lunch is attacking the bottom of my foot!” All of the other kids laughed. Everyone laughed at Mason’s jokes. He was twice as big and twice as mean as anyone in the class. No one wanted to get on his bad side.

Ryan picked up his lunch and inspected his PB&J. From the look of his sandwich, he supposed that Mason must wear size seven shoes. That was one serious footprint, and one seriously smashed sandwich. He stuffed his dilapidated food back into the bag and followed his class downstairs.

If Ryan had been paying attention, he might have seen a large puddle on the cafeteria floor. It had been left by an old leaky garbage can. Unfortunately, his mind was on his upcoming spelling test and he did not notice.

He took one step into that smelly puddle and skidded across the floor. He landed face first in Kelsey’s ketchup covered hot dog. His slime coated tennis shoes refused to grip the floor. Arms flailed and legs kicked. His wild slipping and sliding dance was legendary, but it came to an unceremonious end when he landed squarely on his behind.

All eyes in the cafeteria were on him. He scrambled around for a moment trying to get back on his feet, and then he heard it. Rrrrrrrrip!!! Even though his face was covered in ketchup, it somehow managed to get even redder when he realized what had happened. His pants ripped. Everyone in the cafeteria had just caught a glimpse of his Amazing Wonder Dude action hero underwear.

He quickly snatched Kelsey’s plate, held it over his rear, and ran for cover. “Why did I even get out of bed this morning!”

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